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Best Insurance Apps for Agents & Brokers in Canada

A Sharp Growth Story

"In 2009, Sharp Insurance started as a 2-man brokerage from scratch. Fast forward 5 years, and Sharp now employs 32 staff and writes over $1.5M in new monthly premium. That’s over 100% organic growth year over year. Many ask how we did it – and now, we are not only showing you how we did it and the tools we used….we are sharing them with you! Our secret lies in keeping with the times and by having the right tools. Save Time! Make More Money! Become more relevant! That’s the Sharp Way"

- Sherif Gemayel

Our Offer To You

We Work To Bring You The Best Of The Best Insurance Apps for
Agents & Brokers

Save Time

The insurance portal allows your clients to access and print their pink cards. This simple feature has shown to cut down incoming calls up to 27%.

Save Money

Your clients will now be able to request policy changes from the web and insurance mobile app. This will make your service team more effective and save you time and money!

Make More Money

Become more efficient: spend less time on service and more time selling apps for insurance agents & brokers

Be Relevant

Provide insurance broker & agent clients with a web portal and an insurance mobile app to give you a competitive edge against the direct writers.

Custom Web Portal & Mobile Apps For Insurance Agents & Brokers

Your Brand. Your Look.

Cover Your Insurance Clients 100%.

Digital Pink Cards


The first web portal and insurance mobile app to provide a digital pink card. Clients not only view pink cards, but can also print them: anywhere, anytime!

Insurance Policies


At any time, through the web or insurance mobile app, your clients will be able to: view insurance coverage policy details, access payment dates and amounts, print declaration pages and request changes.

Accident Notes


In the unfortunate event of a car accident, your clients will be able to visually recreate the scene of an auto accident, record all the relevant information and upload pictures using a car insurance app right from their smart phone.

Rate My Driving Game


What is a mobile application without a game? The Rate My Driving Game is fun and allows your clients to rate their driving.

Mobile Apps for Insurance Agents & Brokers That Work On All Platforms

Cover 100% Of Your Clients.



Windows Phone



Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

Meet Our Team

Design is about making things good (and then better) and right (and fantastic) for the people who use and encounter them.

- Matt Beale

Who We Are

Sherif Gemayel

President and Founder

President and founder of the fastest growing brokerage in Canada, Sherif Gemayel attributes his success to careful business planning and having the technology that backs up his plans.

Ken Sedgewick

Director of Sales

With nearly a decade of sales experience and his Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation, Ken understands the challenges brokers face. A constant learner, Ken strives to learn what makes his clients tick and to help brokerages maximize value through the use of innovative, timesaving software.

Marc Dawoud

Project Manager

Specializes in marketing using different media sources such as branding, webdesign and video. Marc's passion and creativity helps promote a powerful message in all projects he works on.

Mina Michail


Specializes in web and multi-platform apps. Mina's technical expertise has helped bridge a gap between business and technology.

Good design is good business

Thomas J. Watson

Insurance App Development Services

Each insurance mobile app development project we undertake is planned in collaboration with your insurance brokerage in order to ensure your goals are surpassed.

What You Can Offer Your Clients

Customized Insurance Broker App. Your Brand. Your Look.

Customized Web Portal

Allow your clients to access their insurance information on their laptops and desktops.

What your clients can view online:
Vehicle and other insured items' information
Pink cards
Declaration pages
File a claim
Submit change requests

Customized Mobile App For Insurance Agents & Brokers

Allow your clients to access their insurance information from any smartphone.

What your clients can view from a custom mobile insurance app:
Vehicle and other insured items' information
Pink cards
A step by step guide to file a claim
Submit change requests
Play the Rate My Driving game

Real web designers write code. Always have, always will.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Portfolio For Mobile Insurance Apps & Web Portals

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence



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